The Story of  the Tequila Tornados

Once upon a time, somewhen in May 2007 the later Doa Magarita, Don Alejo and Don Herberto were chatting in the aftermath of a rather poor bluegrass  session in the Vienna Caf Concerto ( As one would expect, in a singing pub, the issue was music and what kind of style to play as the bluegrass session was kind a languishing …

Rapidly Tex-Mex and Cajun/Zydeco were identified as favourite styles.  

Tex-Mex had been brought to the attention of a broader public in Austria in the mid 90ies by Prof. Dr. Kurt Ostbahn (, when he performed his famous Sunday morning radio show “Trost und Rat” having as a signation the Flaco Jimenez ( tune “Las Golondrinas” and airing regularly Tex-Mex tunes.

So, the later Tequila Tornados started playing their first tunes in the summer of 2007, mainly by the Texas Tornados (, Los Tigres del Norte (, the Flaco and Satiago Jimenez, Valerio Longoria and the likes.   Songs were chosen and dismissed, others chosen and so on.

An important problem of every new band – where to get together and rehearsal without incommodationg the rest of the world – was easily solved, as Don Alejo offered his workplace at the Institute of Musical Acoustics, IWK ( – muchas gracias !!!  Special THANX to Don Gerado, for his profesional help in setting up our sound-system and providing a lot of technical equipment!!!!

Besides the music it was important to find an attractive name for the band. There was some back and forth, names like “Guacamole Orquesta” and  “Los Cocodrilos del Norte” were proposed and dismissed.

So why Tequila Tornados ? There are four good reasons:

  1. It is a reference to one of the greatest Tex-Mex bands ever,  the Texas Tornados formed by Flaco Jimenez, Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.
  2. Secondly a reference to Tequila, which at some time in the past was Don Herberto’s favourite drink – cf his vita.
  3. Thirdly the stuff gives you the spirit and boost needed to play Tex-Mex tunes in style.
  4. It sounds appealing – at least to the Tornados…